The Feetness Way

Our history is proof of our capability and credibility. We want to tell everyone who we are, but even more, we want to say where we come from and what we have done thus far.

Our organization works in compliance with the common Codes of Ethics and Discipline with particular attention to:

  • Doing one’s job in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Acting with a spirit of mutual respect

  • Meeting moral and social obligations

  • Complying with regulations on the protection and health and safety of people

  • Conserving resources and protecting the environment

  • Refusing to make decisions based on personal self-interest

  • Contributing to the development of the local communities where we operate, with the adoption of a code of ethics that ensures commitment, honesty, propriety and respect for rules

Production Technologies

We believe that there is a significant difference between good socks and Feetness socks.

The only way to achieve this level of quality is to start with the best fibers and use them in conjunction with the latest machinery to produce socks that meet the excellent standard our customers demand.

Cutting-edge production technology is the essential building block to achieve high-quality socks developed by our own designers in order to maximize the added value of Feetness products.

Research and Development

The constant pursuit of technical excellence led Feetness to a remarkable system for conducting research activity.

From one side, we approach research from a theoretical and experimental standpoint, working in conjunction with the major machine manufacturers to consistently improve the machines’ technical performance and ability to construct socks that meet the evolving needs of our customers.

From another side, we conduct research to find and create new materials with improved characteristics that will produce socks with superior qualities, like the ability to wick moisture or fight odor, for example.

Thirdly, we’ve partnered with the University of Brescia to develop and operate a measurement laboratory that can accurately test the characteristics of Feetness products and compare them against major competitors. This allows us to accurately assess the market position of the company and to continuously optimize our production to maintain the highest possible standing in the industry.

Why Feetness?


  • Outstanding socks quality

  • All socks designed and manufactured internally (never outsourced)

  • Competent, dedicated teams of designers, engineers and technicians to support the customer’s project

  • 100% made in Italy

  • Owned factory

  • 38 years sock manuafacturing experience

  • State-of-the-art technologies and facilities


  • FDA class 2 (factory inspected – registration number: 3011496736)
  • Worldwide patent for graduated compression since 1999

  • Graduated compression from foot in 4-way stretch

  • Athletic appropriate compression (12-20 mmHg)

  • Each pair individually inspected

  • Superior wearability

  • Ankle support

  • Tested and proven by world-class athletes since 2001

  • Exclusive antibacterial fiber (Silver Drystat)

  • Silver-infused bacteria stopper

  • Best moisture-wicking fiber

  • All products pre-washed with chemical-free softener